Promote Your Business, Blog and/or Designs with Zappy Dots

You've built your business, your fans adore you, your products, and what you stand for! 

Zappy Dots is here to help you celebrate your business with Zappy Dots magnetic pendants branded for your business:

Add your logo, your images, your slogans, your designs,...and watch your customers swoon...


Here's How Businesses Use Zappy Dots to Promote their Business

  • Promotional Products - Zappy Dots offers your business the opportunity to provide branded interchangeable jewerly that promotes your business.  The promotional industry shares that 'wearable' products have high 'repeat wearable rates' and generate organic referrals.  As a customer wears your business branded jewelry, it generates questions and comments from others, sparking a conversation.
  • Additional Product Line  - With Zappy Dots, its easy to add a new product line to your business.  We'll work with you to design Zappy Dots for your business, and you can choose to offer your new magnetic pendants and jewelry line to your customer base through a business page hosted at ZappyDots.com, or by ordering wholesale and selling on your website, thereby easily adding additional revenue to your business.
  • Brand Reinforcement Products - Perhaps your business represents a philosophy that your prospects and customers gravitate to and want to remember.  Zappy Dots offers a unique product that makes it easy to help your prospects and customers be reminded of your business philosophy, often moving prospects to customers because perhaps they purchased the jewerly first and then became a customer later.   


How to Get Started

Join the businesses that recognize the value of creating business branded Zappy Dots for their business.  We're here to help you design, create and market your busines' branded magnetic pendants and jewelry.

How it Works:  email us to inquire as to the designs you'd like for your business and let us know if you choose private labeled, hosted products for your customer base. Email:  info {@} zappydots.com.