New Year. New Us.

New Year. New Us.

Posted by Zach Lung, Miranda Noonan on Feb 10th 2022

Welcome to the new Zappy Dots! We feel like we've moved into a bigger, brighter new home — and we're excited to be rolling out the welcome mat for you! 

This move was a long time coming. We realized last year that our products and our dreams for the future had outgrown our trusty ol' shop. Over the past eight years, we have partnered with countless amazing designers to offer notions and apparel for fellow lovers of design, color, and pattern. As we continue coming up with new ways to share these inspiring designs with you, it was clear that we needed a website that could keep up!  

Thanks to you, we had plenty of inspiration. We knew we wanted a site that was equal parts easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. While we were at it, we threw in some extra features, too. (Keep scrolling to read about a few!) Best of all, now that we're here, we have room to grow and share more perks and products with our creative customers. 

We are so glad you're part of the Zappy Dots community! Remember: We developed this site with YOU in mind, so we want to know what you think! We hope you'll continue sharing and engaging with us in 2022 and beyond, so that we can continue finding new ways to make Zappy Dots your Happy Spot! 



One thing we've kept close to our heart as we redesigned the new site is one of our most repeated customer requests: You want an easier way to shop complete outfits, collections, and coordinates. 

Look no further than our Collections page! Here you'll find complete matching outfits, our version of not-so-solid "solids" for mix-and-matching, and our current seasonal collections.  

Right now you'll see our Winter Shop. Here you'll find our coziest (and newest) apparel item, the minky hoodie, and coordinating patterned leggings. What better way to stay warm and bright this season than to slip into a luxuriously soft hoodie and comfy leggings then curl up with a good book or embroidery project? 

The Winter Shop is just one of many limited-time collections that can be found on the revamped Zappy Dots website. Keep a close eye on our social media pages to stay in-the-know on the latest collections as trendy products rotate throughout the year. 


Do you see something you'd like to buy in the future? Or perhaps you want to share your favorite outfits with your friends? No problem!

Create an account and personalize your very own product wish lists! Compile your own designer wardrobe, a thematic selection of your favorite Magnetic Needle Tins, or curate a dream collection of minky hoodies.

Then, use your wish list to keep yourself organized while shopping, or make gift giving a breeze and share it with your loved ones. Pro tip: If you have an upcoming guild event or quilt show, make coordinating your crew extra easy by creating a wish list to send to your creative friends.


Having a hard time deciding between styles? We get it! Comparing products is now easier than ever. When you're hovering over a product, you'll see a series of icons pop up. The one on the far right is a set of intersecting arrows. When you'd like to compare several items, simply click this arrow icon for each product. Once you're ready to compare them, scroll to the top of your page and click on the matching arrow symbol in the header. 

Now when you can't decide between Timna Tarr’s Sea Glass and O Happy Day Magnetic Needle Tins, it's easy to see both side-by-side...or, of course, you can always just add both to your cart. ;) 


There are so many exciting up-and-coming features still in the works... we're just getting started! We can't wait to share even more experiences, styles, and nifty tools that will add a little more fun and color to your creative spaces!

So, what do you think of the new site? We hope you'll make yourselves at home and click around a bit. Our goal is to make shopping with us — and connecting with your favorite designers — easier, quicker, and more eye-catching than ever before. We're looking forward to a year of inspiring one another online and offline. 

Let’s get crafting! 

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