New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog

Posted by Zach Lung on Jan 5th 2021


What an unusual year 2020 was…I think we're all looking forward to kick-starting new projects, finding fresh inspiration, and getting back to our creative community's events. I know we've missed seeing our customers and designers at Quilt Festival and Nashville Needlework Market and everywhere in between. More than anything, we hope 2021 brings us back together! Even though for the foreseeable future we are still connecting through online events, we are reintroducing our blog to connect more with YOU in 2021. We look forward to getting to know you better online and have you share YOUR requests for designs and designers to continue our goal of sharing color, creativity, and design with people around the world because we understand that crafting isn't just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

As you know, over the past seven years, Zappy Dots has partnered with countless designers to offer notions and accessories for craft enthusiasts. Our handmade needle nannies, magnetic needle tins, scissor fobs, and ceramic magnets are unique because they're as inspiring as they are useful — we incorporate the licensed designs of popular quilters, cross-stitchers, and artists into everything we make. We firmly believe this brings a little more joy into every creative adventure you undertake.

Last year was also an unusual year for Zappy Dots!

We wanted a way for quilt and stitch lovers to be able to incorporate their passion into their day-to-day lives: from work, to brunch, to the beach. With this in the back of her mind, Zappy Dots' founder Kim Ivkov began to notice the vibrant and resilient resort wear that is popular in Florida. After a little digging, Kim discovered a luxe fabric that's stretchy, UPF protective, ultra-colorful, cooling, stain-resistant, comfortable, and flattering — all things that could let a crafter get their hands dirty while still looking (and feeling!) pulled together all day long.

After a lot of research ... and a little bit of that try-and-try-again attitude that's familiar to those of us who know our way around a seam ripper... we introduced a new line of USA-made apparel for creative lifestyles in early 2020.

As you can imagine, that was a tough time to introduce an entirely new product to the creative industry! However, as with everything we do, our designers are the heart and soul of the Zappy Dots’ apparel brand. We were incredibly lucky, humbled, and thrilled to share our clothing idea with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably, and to be met with their excitement, encouragement, and participation. As we began reaching out to some of the other amazing designers we work with — Hands On Design, Katja Marek, Philip Jacobs, Timna Tarr, Planted Seed Designs, Blue Flower Stitching, Deb Strain, Jeanetta Gonzales, Sara Berrenson and Kathy Doughty — they were all enthusiastic to be part of this new direction. Armed with their incredible artwork and our vision, we were able to focus on making products that are colorful, comfortable, uplifting, and helpful during a time when those simple traits had become more valuable than ever.

Fast forward to today, and we now have a full line of tees — Fitted, Classic, and our most popular: the V-Neck Flair — as well as ultra-versatile Zappy Bands and Zappy Wraps in designer prints BY creative artists FOR creative artists. We've also introduced countless coordinating notions, tools, and accessories (including a line of high-end interchangeable jewelry!) to make the quilting and stitching experience more personalized than ever.

This is just the beginning! From new styles (quilt-print leggings, anyone?), to size inclusivity (4X is coming!), to coordinated gifts (matching tins and tees!), we can't wait for you to see what we have in store for 2021! Thanks for continuing to support our little business with big dreams... together we're going to make the world a more colorful and creative place!

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