Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Posted by Miranda Noonan on Nov 17th 2021

You know the designers and love the designs — now it is time to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the hard working, creative minds who make Zappy Dots tick. We're excited to show off our team and let you get to know us a little bit better!

Here are 5 fun facts about each of our team members:

  1. Top 3 Zappy Dots designs that best match Kim's personality/style: "O Happy Day" by Timna Tarr, "Midnight Diamonds" by Kaffe Fassett, and "Jumble" by Brandon Mably.
  2. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: Kim escapes to do anything ocean-oriented on the SW Florida coast — off-shore fishing, boating, and beaching!
  3. Beverage of choice: Kim starts her day with a passionate coffee addiction — and of course she drinks it in her favorite-color mug, which is (you guessed it) turquoise! Happy hour favorites include Rose and Pinot Noir vino, or any drink that involves tequila and lime juice.
  4. Favorite designer: It is hard to pick a favorite designer for Kim. “Each of them is fun-loving and inspiring in their own way!”
  5. Furry assistants: Kim is a dog-lover and she has two dogs: Wyatt, her Jack Russell "terrorist" Terrier, assists with product development by 'stealing samples' and testing the stretchy-ness via tug-of-war games; and Haus, a Black Labrador, encourages frequent Dot breaks to work on his retrieving obsession.

  1. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: Melanie enjoys camping, making s’mores, and playing outside with her two kids!
  2. Top 3 Zappy Dots designs that best match Melanie's personality/style: “I Wake Up Needing a Nap” by Spot Colors, “Turquoise Flowers” by Deb Strain, and Kaffe Fassett’s “Millefiore”.
  3. Furry assistant: "Dogs rule here!", Melanie says. She has an elderly rescue Mutt named Elway who keeps her company during her late-night work sessions.
  4. Beverage of choice: She'll never turn down an Iced Mocha!
  5. Creative #humblebrag: Melanie is a baby-quilt-making mastermind, and she has conquered using the tricky minky fabric to back her quilts.

  1. Favorite ways to play when he's off Dot-duty: Justin enjoys playing soccer and hiking with his family. He also loves living in Longmont, Colorado: "My family has explored all sorts of great canyons and rivers and secluded getaways in the Rockies!"
  2. Top Zappy Dots designers that match Justin's personality/style: His favorite designers are Amy Bruecken for her bright whimsical creations and Timna Tarr for her patterns.
  3. Beverage of choice: In true Colorado fashion, Justin is a big fan of beer. He prefers dark stouts and porters, especially the barrel-aged big boys like Big Bad Baptist, Lefthand Nitro Milk Stout, and Oskar Blue's Old Chub.
  4. Furry assistant: Justin and Andrea have an adorable cat named Aspen that aids in the production duties... mostly by snatching packing peanuts, admiring the designs by Spot Colors, and sitting on their computers.
  5. Creative #humblebrag: He might not be a quilter or a cross-stitcher, but Justin has one project he looks back on fondly. His father-in-law found an old ukulele that got damaged on a road trip back from Idaho Springs: “He left the ukulele with us when he went back to California, so I decided to fix it for him. I had to track down some random parts, build a couple of wooden pieces, and do some good old fashioned MacGyvering, but eventually I got the piece looking good as new. I'm really proud of this because it was a very personal project that allowed me to show him how much I cared.”

  1. You can find Andrea wearing Zappy Dots... Minky Hoodies. Because just like Andrea, they're bright, comforting, and everyone loves them!
  2. Beverage of choice: She loves a good margarita (especially if it's served with a taco), but any cocktail will do!
  3. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: Andrea loves to laugh and have fun. You'll find her making cocktails with her husband and playing on the beach with her two kids.
  4. Top 3 Zappy Dots designers that best match Andrea's personality/style: Spot Colors, Hands on Design, and Amy Bruecken — their witty sayings always make her laugh.
  5. Little known Andrea fact: She grew up playing the drums. If you plan on booking her to perform at your next event, you'll have to contact her agent (a.k.a. Justin) to ensure she has availability.

  1. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: Amanda enjoys getting outdoors and being active. Long weekend? She's hitting the road or the skies for a travel adventure with her husband and three spunky kids.
  2. Beverage of choice: Tea is her preferred drink of choice — until 5 p.m., when it's time to switch to a Manhattan.
  3. Creative #humblebrag: "The baby quilts I made for my own kids are special — in part because I actually got around to finishing them, which was a feat in and of itself!"
  4. Top 3 Zappy Dots designs that best match Amanda's personality/style: "Enchanted" by Kaffe Fassett, "Glamping" by Brandon Mably, and "Scenic Overlook" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
  5. Furry assistant: Sweet Georgia Brown, Amanda's English Springer Spaniel, makes sure Amanda's toes stay toasty while she types. 

  1. Top Zappy Dots designers that match Miranda's personality/style: As she says, “It’s hard to choose just one designer!”, but she adores the leggings by Planted Seed Designs as well as notions by Country Cottage Needleworks and Spot Colors.
  2. Furry assistants: Miranda loves all animals and hopes to expand her in-home “zoo”. Currently she has a small poodle mix named ‘Obi-Wan’ and a guinea pig named ‘Elsa Piggy Carter’ who cheer her on while she works her pattern-making magic!
  3. Beverage of choice: Wine, Whiskey, or White Claw are her go-to weekend drinks.
  4. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: When Miranda is not doing graphics for Zappy Dots, she is either crafting, drawing, or busy running her own dance studio. And she will never, ever pass on a trip to Disneyland or a chance to visit the Denver Zoo or Aquarium!
  5. You can find Miranda wearing Zappy Dots... Leggings! Just like Miranda, they're fun, flexible, and perfectly coordinated!

  1. You can find Zach wearing a Zappy Dots... Green Agate Minky Hoodie by Philip Jacobs — because just like Zach, it 'rocks'!
  2. Favorite ways to play when he's off Dot-duty: His favorite weekend activity is heading out to the basketball hoop at the local park. And when he has time to wander a little farther? "Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland!"
  3. Little known Zach fact: He's a musical theater superfan and can quote every line from "Newsies". (No, really — just ask him!)
  4. Creative #humblebrag: If it's a Star Wars themed craft, Zach is first in line.
  5. Top 3 Zappy Dots designs that match Zach's personality and style: Green Agate and Grey feathers by Philip Jacobs, and like his wife Miranda, he's partial to anything by Planted Seed Designs (especially the Criss Cross pattern). 

  1. Favorite ways to play when she's off Dot-duty: Maddie’s favorite weekend activity consists of visiting the farmers' market for groceries and flowers every Saturday morning. Three-day weekend? You'll find Maddie in Cape Cod!
  2. Top Zappy Dots designer that matches Maddie's personality/style: Gerri Robinson from Planted Seed Designs — Maddie loves wearing anything Gem Stones!
  3. Creative #humblebrag: Maddie is a novice quilter and has a few quilts that she has finished: “I love them all, but one includes curved pieces that I am pretty proud of.”
  4. Furry assistant: The most well-traveled pet award goes to Maddie's pug Leo, who helps her log frequent flier miles and maintain her clients' #influencer statuses. He's only three, but he's been on more than 15 flights!
  5. Little known Maddie fact: She can get an Oreo from her forehead to her mouth without using her hands.

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