About Us

Welcome to the happy and colorful home of Zappy Dots and Quilt Dots!

We’re a small, creative, family-owned business nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado. Our Dots come in many forms, including magnets, key chains, bag tags, charms, magnetic pins and needle nannies, and interchangeable jewelry – and our list of products, like our business, is always growing!

Zappy Dots, our flagship company, was formed in 2011 as a new and unique lifestyle product and as a fun way to add a little personal pizzazz to local events, races, and shop hops. Zappy Dots’ collections feature everything ranging from store and event logos to monograms and sport-themed Dots.

As Zappy Dots’ picked up steam, we realized we wanted to combine these unique products with one of our most beloved passions: Quilting. Thus, Quilt Dots was born.

Quilt Dots allows us to be a part of a niche we adore¸ and we work with a huge group of amazing designers to bring you closer to quilting than ever before. Now, not only can you sew using your favorite fabrics and patterns, but you can actually wear them too!

Each and every Dot is made by hand right here in the Rocky Mountains. And whether we’re working with a small-town store or a world-renowned fabric or quilt designer, the end result is the same: A nifty, gifty, and highly collectible set of Dots that our customers love!

Thanks for stopping by – we hope you enjoy wearing your Dots as much as we enjoy making them!